10 Best Pen Brands In India That Are The First Choice Of Any Professional

Whether you are a business man or a salaried employee, a pen is certainly something you would need a lot in your usual work day. A pen might sound like something ordinary, mainly due to its easy availability, but it is actually no less than a piece of art. It was through pens that it became possible for us to put our thoughts and ideas o paper. Evolving from the earlier fountain pens, today everyone uses ink pen that writes through a non reusable plastic refill. Although today we have advanced to the extent of using a digital pen on our gadgets, an ink pen continues to be preferred by a large number of people.

A lot of professionals today make use of these gel or ball pens to not only write content, but also for the purposeof gifting. Out of all things that are used in corporate gifting, pens form one of the most preferred options. There are several renowned brands for pens that are used and preferred by professionals. Loushi is one such brand. The Chinese company offers Loushi Pen Price at extremely affordable range, making it a preferred choice for many.

  1. Parker – This is one of the number one options of pens to choose from. Parker is currently the number one choice for penbrand by professionals from across the globe. This is a brand that was launched in the year 1888, this is one of those brands that reflects class, and is thus the choice of several classy people.
  2. Mont Blanc –This is another popular brand across the globe that is known for providing a few of the best kinds of pen. Mont Blanc was launched in the year 1906, it not only designs the kind of pens that are amazing, but also the ones that provide a kind of experience that is exclusive to something that is pure luxury. It is also one of the preferred pen brands of professionals.
  3. Cello – This is one of the most reliable as well as recommended brands of pens across the world. The above two brands mentioned in the list are premium ones and cannot be afforded by all, for all those who cannot afford these expensive brands, but still desire a kind of experience that is similar to what they provide; Cello should be your pick. This is one of the popular and preferred brands by all those who are looking for great performance at affordable prices.
  4. Reynolds – Named after its founder Milton Reynolds, this is one of those companies that is popular for all the ball bens it designs and sells. The company belongs to the American entrepreneur, and is today famous across the globe, among people of all generations. Ranging from school and college students to working professionals as well.
  5. Camlin – The brand that made waves for its pencils as well as geometry boxes in India is also a popular brand of pens in the country. This is a popular stationary brand in the country that has its headquarters in Mumbai. This is certainly one of those brands that is loved by the kids for all its fancy stationary, but is also equally admired by professionals, who mainly make use of its pens.
  6. Papermate – Another American company that is today popular for its products all across the globe is Papermate. Founded in the year 1940, is one of the affordable brands for pen. In India, a few of its products can be bought for a price as minimum as INR 10. This is also one of those brands that are preferred for its affordability as well as efficient performance.
  7. Sheaffer – This is not a very affordable pen brand, and can pretty much be considered a luxury pen brand. Although it can certainly provide you with a smooth flow of writing and a great design, it is not one of the affordable options that many people would want to go for.
  8. Aurora – Another brand in the top 10 list of pen’s brands preferred by professionals is the Italian pen maker Aurora. Launched in the year 1919, Aurora is also a popular name in the pen making industry. This has been the preferred choice of a lot of professionals on multiple occasions.
  9. Hero – This is a Chinese pen manufacturing company that was launched in the year 1931, and was known mainly for their fountain pens. Today they are a much more diverse company, producing multiple kinds of pens, which are not only efficient and smooth in their working, but also offer an impressive design that makes it a preferred choice for many.
  10. Cross – This is one of the oldest brands in the list, as it was launched in the year 1846. Although, it has a much better rank in the world’s top 10 list of best pens. Why this brand has the last rank here cannot really be said, as this is not a kind of company or product that lacks anywhere, but is still not the popular choice.

Conclusion – Amongst the above mentioned brands for pens, most of them are the ones which are not very affordable, or something one would use on an everyday basis. However, when it comes to using for professional purpose or for gifting, these are certainly preferred by a lot of people. Today we also have numerous Chinese players in the market, which are giving these brands a run for their ranks and positions.


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