5 Most Appropriate Gifts For A Crystal Anniversary

Committing to someone for life is a big thing, especially in the fast paced world where statistics suggest that nearly 50% of marriages end in failure.

However, it is a wonderful feeling to have found your soul mate and grown together; the best relationships are generally based on love, friendship and mutual respect.

Reaching 15 years together, your crystal anniversary; is an important milestone and is an event which should be celebrated!

Whether you are the one celebrating or have simply been invited to the big event, you will need to consider what the most appropriate gift is. Here are 5 of the Best ideas:

  1. Crystal Jewelry

Top of the list, particularly for couples to give to each other is crystal jewelry. It doesn’t matter how many years you have been married, a crystal ring, necklace or other carefully chose item will be well received.

This option is generally one of the most expensive and should be considered carefully; an item with a crystal in is not enough. It must be something that the person celebrating their crystal anniversary would love; you need to be familiar with their personal tastes.

  1. Crystal Glass

A slightly easier option for many people is crystal glass. This covers two types of gifts; glassware for drinking from and ornaments made from crystal glass.

Either option is acceptable but giving a crystal glass shape with writing or a picture etched inside of it is a gift which will always look fantastic and show just how much you care.

Crystal anniversary pieces can come in virtually any shape; you can have 2D or a 3D imaged etched into them which makes them very personal.

In fact, you can have a high quality photograph scanned and reproduce inside a crystal glass shape. If the couple has no more than two children this could be an excellent opportunity to provide them with a keepsake which will always be precious.

Of course, as this type of etching can only handle up to 4 people, if their family is larger you may wish to keep the picture of them or their children; not both.

  1. Original Newspaper

A popular approach is to use an online service which will produce a reprint of the paper that came out on the day you got married. This will usually be provided n a special box which can have a personalized message added to it.

You will find this gift intriguing and worth reminiscing over; it is surprising how much the world has changed in 15 years!

  1. Framed Photo

Photos are always an excellent way to remind people of their love for each other. Whether you wish to have an old image rescanned or a fresh one blown up; you can have it finished in the material of your choice and then put inside a frame.

It can be exceptionally difficult to choose the right frame for your favorite couple. There are so many to choose from! However, selecting one with a little crystal in will at least show you recognize the importance of the crystal anniversary.

  1. Figurines

Finally, if you know that one or both sides of the coupe collect a specific figurine set, or you have seen one that is particularly appropriate for them; then this is a viable option.

You will need to be aware of their tastes as you are giving them something that will sit in their house for the next 15 years. This type of gift can send a special message just by the image it portrays; which makes it a good gift.

It is worth noting there is no wrong gift, providing you give from your heart.

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