7 Reasons Why Kolkata Residents Should Invest in Bajaj Finance FD!

Mr. Pallab Rakshit, a resident of Salt Lake, Kolkata had accumulated some savings during the last five years which he wanted to invest. He had decided to put the money in a fixed deposit scheme of his salaried bank until his friend Biplab Das suggested to invest in Bajaj Finance FD.

Pallab followed Biplab’s advice and invested in Bajaj Finance FD in Kolkata and is enjoying many benefits which a bank FD would have never provided him. If you are a Kolkata citizen and willing to invest in an FD scheme, you can simply put your money in a Bajaj Finance FD in Kolkata. Why? Here are 7 reasons to convince you!

Bajaj Finance FD in Kolkata – 7 reasons to invest!

  1. A higher ROI

A Bajaj Finance FD in Kolkata can give you a higher return on investment ranging from 7.85% to 8.40% depending on your age and other eligibility conditions. Why settle for a paltry 4% in your bank savings account when you can just double up your interest payout?

  1. High credibility and stability

Bajaj Finance FD in Kolkata carries a mark of credibility and stability which means that your investments are safe and won’t doom out. ICRA’s MAAA (Stable) and CRISIL’s FAAA ratings are enough to keep your investment super-protected.

  1. Fixed and assured returns

Your fixed deposit is not impacted by market fluctuations unlike other investment vehicles such as mutual funds. It means that you will get assured ROI.

  1. It’s time for senior citizens to rejoice

Senior citizens are in for a treat if they open their Bajaj Finance FDs in Kolkata. Yes, they can get a guaranteed 8.20% on their investments – 0.35% more than standard citizens.

  1. Minimum deposit amount

For opening a Bajaj Finance FD in Kolkata, you need not put a high amount to see your money grow over a tenor. Yes, Rs.25,000 is what you will need to open an FD account with the leading online non-banking finance company (NBFC) in India.

  1. Wide tenor to help you out

With tenors as wide as one year and five years to suit your financial needs better, you can have the freedom to close an existing FD and start a new one if you change your mind.

  1. FD calculator to help you know your exact profits

A Bajaj Finance FD in Kolkata also helps you utilize an easy-to-use FD calculator so that you can calculate the exact profit that you will get after the end of a tenor. Enter your FD amount and the tenor, and you will get to know your exact interest payout within a fraction of seconds.

The Bottom Line

Be it the city of joy or Kolkata or any other city, a Bajaj Finance FD in Kolkata or anywhere else has enough exciting features to make your investment shine over time. You can begin to see your savings grow in an FD by opening an online account right away! Happy investment!

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