8 Reasons To Choose Arizer ArGo Over Other Vaporizers!

As compared to every other vaporizer in the market, Arizer ArGo is that pocketable vape, which gives an extremely portable performance you’ve might have been seeking for a long time. With its tasty vapor and swappable batteries, it stands out from its competition in every manner.

Here are the 8 reasons why you should choose Arizer ArGo over other vaporizers:

1 – Nice And Thick Vapor:

Arizer ArGo draws a nice and thick vapor soon after the initial thin streams. In no time, you’ll be forming thick clouds of vape, which will be smooth as well as tasty. With the hybrid heating system, the last draws hit up nice and hard. All the credit goes to the robust build quality, as it’s not built of plastic but stainless steel and glass. Look no further if you are looking for a clean vapor with classic flavor.

2 – It Comes with a Swappable Battery:

ArGo comes with a swappable 18650 mAh battery which stays for a quite long time. This is a battery you’ll find in various high-end vaporizers like Arizer Air 2. It’s easy to find a compatible charger for the battery else you can charge it with Arizer Go. The main benefit of this battery is your party will not be ruined soon and will last for hours. You can keep charged batteries and be on the safe side.

3 – Compact Design:

Arizer ArGo comes with a design which is so compact and portable, that it easily fits into your pocket. If compared to Air and Solo, you need to carry an extra set of mouthpieces, but when it comes to ArGo, the stem of Argo fits nicely and safely even when it’s not in use. It is also very comfortable to hold in hand when using.

4 – Digital display:

With full temperature control, you do not need any Bluetooth app to control the vaporizer. The device has all the digital controls with a digital display from where you can easily control it. The remaining charge in the battery is also shown by an indicator on the vaporizer.

It also has various other digital features which include indicator sounds when it reaches a particular temperature, the brightness of the screen, on/off and a timer for starting up.

5 – Hybrid Heating:

Apart from the good looks and a comfy structure, the hybrid heating is effective and efficient. Due to the glass stem in the center, the herbs are kept at a stable temperature when taking a hit. Between the draws, the herbs will cool down quickly so you can have a smooth experience. You will be able to taste the herbs in the best possible way. With this heating mechanism, you’ll be having a great vape without any pieces coming in your mouth.

6 – Decent Battery:

On a single full charge, ArGo can last up to 90 minutes according to Arizer, but when tested, it lasted up to 100 minutes. Without even changing the batteries, you can at least have 8 to 9 full bowls. There’s always an option of keeping a charged battery in your bag for whenever you feel like having a relaxing session or if you are out of power.

7 – Wider Airflow: 

With Arizer ArGo vaporizer, you can draw easily without any effort or hard draws. It is only possible because of the wider and comfortable airflow, and this will also let you have a warm and comfy experience.

8 – Made With New Materials:

Made with new materials and a new look, Arizer ArGo is one the best portable vaporizers. The bottom side is coated with silicon for a touch which will feel softer than your hands.

So these are some of the best reasons to opt for Arizer ArGo over other competitive vapes in the market. You can visit To The Cloud Vapor Store for exciting deals on ArGo and other popular vaporizers.

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