Is an Acoustic Neuroma [Vestibular Schwannoma] a brain tumor

An acoustic neuroma (vestibular schwannoma) are developed on the eighth cranial nerve (It is a set of 12 paired nerves that occur directly from the brain). That is connected with brain and the inner ear. The first part is for conveying sound, the second part helps to send information from inner ear to brain.

An acoustic neuroma  [vestibular schwannoma] slowly causes a tumor, that developed the vestibular nerve from the brain to inner ear. When Schwann cells over produce, the brain tumor slowly grows, they connect to the inner ear to the brain. Sets of these nerves affect your hearing and balance of hearing, because of pressure from vestibular can induces hearing loss, tinnitus, and unsteadiness. A larger tumor is nearby cranial nerves, that control the facial expression, because of a large tumor in the brain can cause death.

Regular monitoring, surgical removal, and radiation is the treatment for vestibular schwannoma.

Causes of Acoustic neuroma

There are many factors of causes acoustic neuroma but the main cause is not clear.

Factors are

  • Family generation: According to neurofibromatosis type 2, it is connected to family generation, in which acoustic neuromas develop in both the sides of head in a human body. Neurofibromatosis type2 has highly risky to the human body. Loud sound, using earphones whole days also cause of this.
  • Age: at the age of 30-60 many people has acoustic neuroma. It was survey data, this is not exact data.
  • Radiation: In childhood low dose of radiation in neck and head may increase the chance of acoustic neuroma.

Symptoms Of Acoustic neuroma

Symptoms of acoustic neuroma are take many years to develop,, it is occur from brain tumor.

  • Tinnitus : Ringing in the ear affect our ear, the sound is buzzing, hissing, whistling. These sound are continuous, and very loud.
  • Balance : balance disorder and hearing loss does not occur itself, but the inner ear vertibular system may cause of this discoder. Hearing loss and balance are occurs together.
  • Depression: depression , mental confusion and headaches may cause large tumor. They are the common symptoms of acoustic neuroma.
  • Facial paralysis:- the facial nerves cannot work, the muscles of face do not receive any signals of brain to work properly. The face paralysis affect the eyes, ear, mouth and part of face.
  • Hearing loss : hearing loss is the main symptoms of acoustic neuroma, beacause of hearing loss the inner ear to brain the nerves are damage.

Treatment for acoustic neuroma

Treatment for acoustic neuroma depends upon growth and size of the acoustic neuroma. Doctors generally suggest three treatments:



3.Radiation therapy

According to your overall health, age, size of the tumor, treatments are held.


Surgery is technical part of treatment which is used for removing the tumor, but it depends upon the age of the person, health, size of the tumor. Surgery does not remove the tumor completely because the tumor is too close the important part of the facial nerves and the brain.

Sometimes surgery has a negative impact on our body, they cause hearing loss, facial nerves damaged during operation time.

  • Hearing loss
  • Facial weakness
  • Ringing in the ear
  • Brain bleeding
  • Headache


When acoustic neuroma has small in size, and they are growing[first stage], then doctor suggest monitoring treatment.

In monitoring, the doctor recommends the regular hearing tests, imaging every 6 to 12 months, to determine the tumor is growing. Monitoring not affect the facial nerve. Monitoring is not the replacement for surgical treatment.

Radiation therapy

Doctors suggest radiation therapy [stereotactic radiosurgery] who have an acoustic neuroma. Those have small tumor below 3 cm, have a health problem, small age, for those doctors suggest radiation therapy.

Radiation therapy done by gamma knife radiosurgery, tiny gamma rays deliver, targeted dose of radiation to the tumor without damaging the surrounding tissue. Doctor using imaging scans, pinpoint the tumor and plans the direct radiation beams.

The aim of radiation therapy to remove the tumor , protect hearing, protect facial nerves.

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