Why Art Collectors Love Buying Paintings Online?

Every individual around the globe who has access to internet is getting more and more comfortable with buying online from groceries to clothes and from décor items to gadgets.

Earlier, whether one is an art enthusiast or a jittery art collector, they all have their own reasons to not to buy art online and stick to the age-old brick and mortar galleries. However, the times have changed, seasoned art collectors and the restless one too, now, buy art online from the online art galleries.

Listed below are the reasons of the same. Read along to know why art collectors love buying paintings and other artworks online.

  • Convenient- There are no rigid opening or closing timings as one can shop at the comfort of their home anytime. This option is more accessible, practical and feasible. Convenience is the most common reason that makes every art lover choose online art galleries over the brick and mortar model, initially.
  • No commissions- On the online platforms of selling art, artist’s sale their artworks directly to the prospective buyers of their artworks. Therefore, when an art lover buys a painting there are no intermediaries which would have been there, if the buyer would have got the painting from a brick and mortar shop. A buyer saves a minimum of 25% -40% when he or she opts to buy art online.
  • More options- There are a wide variety of options available to cater to the wishes of different painting style lovers. Online galleries are not bounded with any size or space restriction. Hence, every artist can showcase as many artworks as he wants. This in return offers a wide variety of paintings of various genres to the artists.
  • Personal contact- Online galleries give the liberty of building a good buyer-seller relationship to the artists as their primary function is to eliminate the gap between the two. The art lovers, in case of any doubt can drop an e-mail or call them directly. The customer services in case of online galleries are more efficient and responsive in case of customer support services.
  • No damage- People often avoid buying online because they have been told that the art piece gets damaged while shipping. On the contrary, the artworks never get damaged or broken while shipping as the paintings are packed very deliberately with adequate layers of plastic wraps etc. This ensures a safe delivery of paintings at their destinations.
  • No pressure- Buying from a tangible gallery is in no way less than buying a grocery or clothing item. The person assisting you in buying a painting from their gallery will give you his random inputs. They will try to pressurize you into buying something by influencing your own choices.
  • Customized options- They prefer buying art online because many artists who are selling their paintings online are also willing to make the customized and personalized paintings for their appreciators and prospects on request.

End Note-

In brief, not only art collectors but even the novice art lovers and enthusiasts prefer buying art from online galleries instead of the old and non-convenient brick and mortar model.

There are a wide array of benefits that one gets, when one chooses to buy fabulous art online.

Art collectors prefer buying online as it saves the most valuable asset of every individual – time. No only this, the artworks that one gets online have no commissions as there is no involvement of many intermediaries. The customer support services offered are way better than the galleries that have physical existence. Moreover, the options that one gets are so many that one can easily get painting which suites their personal style and taste.

When one buys art online there are no chances of getting intimidated by someone else’s choice or of buying something under pressure of someone. Buyers can also get in touch with artist through mails or calls in no time and can get the painting they want as soon as possible.

Hence, the readers are suggested to buy the artworks online from now on, to adorn their spaces.


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