Blepharoplasty – Candidacy, Preparation and Procedure

When you are advised by someone to find board-certified plastic surgeons for blepharoplasty, you certainly want to know more about this procedure. Blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgery for treating droopy eyelids. A plastic surgeon will remove the muscles, skin and fat to fix the sagging areas around the eyes.

 Are you the right candidate?

 Upper or lower eyelid surgery is an anti-aging eye bag surgery. Sagging is one of the natural aging processes. There are different surgical and non-surgical options available to you to fix this problem. While eye bag removal surgery is more effective and helps in achieving better results, it is a surgical procedure. You have to be an ideal candidate for this procedure. If your eyebrows have started to sag or you already have significant bags around your eyes, find top plastic surgeons in Atlanta to figure out whether you can go for this procedure or not.

For some patients, this procedure is more than a cosmetic procedure. Sometimes, sagging skin starts affecting the vision of an individual. For example, your vision is blocked due to hanging skin when you are looking upward. If you are facing any such problem, this procedure can be helpful for you.

The risk of side-effects and complications is very low when you are the right candidate for blepharoplasty. However, if you have a chronic illness or you are a smoker, this will affect the recovery.

Preparing for the blepharoplasty

 Preparing for this surgical procedure is going to be a little complex. It starts with an initial consultation with one of the board-certified plastic surgeons. This gives you an opportunity to discuss results, concerns and complications involved in this surgical procedure. Don’t forget to ask the surgeon about his experiences and credentials.

The surgeon will conduct some tests to measure your eyes. The surgeon will conduct vision tests and tear tests. After that, the surgeon will take some pictures of the patient’s eyelids. This will help during the blepharoplasty procedure.

It is your job to keep the surgeon informed of the medications you are taking. These medications include:

  • Over the counter remedies
  • Prescription drugs
  • Herbal supplements

Warfarin or ibuprofen can increase bleeding risks. So, you will have to stop taking these medications. You will also have to stop smoking before this procedure.

Expect some swelling a few days after the surgery. You will find it hard to perform some of the day to day activities. So, make sure that there is someone to take care of you at home after the surgery.

Blepharoplasty Procedure

You are in perfect shape to go home after the surgery. The surgeon will inject some numbing agent into the eyelids of the patient.

The surgeon addresses the upper eyelids first by making a cut and removing excess skin, muscle and fat. The surgeon will also move some of these tissues if required and then close the incision. Similarly, the surgeon will remove skin, muscle and fat during lower eyelid surgery. The incision will be either made outside underneath lower eyelashes or inside of the eyelid.

So, find top plastic surgeons in Atlanta for blepharoplasty in Atlanta, GA if you want to get rid of droopy eyelids.

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