Boarding Schools: Why Not?

If you are planning to send your kid to a boarding school, it has to be a major decision you and your family has come up with. It is important that you plan every move appropriately as it is going to be a major change in your kid’s life. Initially you have to begin with finding an appropriate school for your child. There are several things that you will have to consider before you finally admit your child to a boarding school.

Check out the list of girl’s boarding school in Dehradun online to go through your options in the country. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of these factors that you must look out when you are investigating about any boarding school.

Philosophy and Culture of the School

It is important that you speak to the faculty and principal of the school in person. It will help in getting a clear insight about the culture of the institution. You have to see whether the culture and philosophy of the boarding school is in sync with your own ideologies with minimum disparity.


To determine the status and reputation of the school, you will have to do a little research on the past and present students. Interact with some of the current students and try to figure out the pros and cons of the institution. Most schools will try to project their best to potential clients. But, you can figure out the true picture from the students who are currently studying in the school. You can also investigate about the living conditions in the hostel along with the opportunities they receive with respect to future prospects.


You can try communicating with the parents of past and present students to learn more from their personal experiences about the boarding school. It will help you see the differences in your expectations and experiences.


This is one of the most important factors that you may have to go through. The facilities provided in the boarding school for the mental and physical growth of your child is extremely crucial. You may have to consider the living conditions like the size of the hostel, dormitories, quality of food. Make sure that the facilities meet your expectations. If you are looking for good facilities, don’t forget to go through the CBSE girl’s boarding school in Dehradun.


The curriculum of the boarding school must also focus on an all round development of each and every child. If you child wants to go forward in a specific pathway like agriculture, honours, engineering, medical, law, etc., you must look out for the potential of future prospects provided by the curriculum in that direction.


Don’t forget to keep the cost in mind as well. Try to bring out an estimate of the fees that you have to pay along with the additional costs that you may have to bear. Also, see that the amount of money you pay annually is actually at par with the facilities your child is receiving in the school.

Other than all these factors, you should also go through the diversity of students and the extracurricular activities provided by the school. After cumulating all these factors, come to a decision.

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