A brief introduction to SEO

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization are the two parts of SEO. SEO is necessary for attaining top Positions in Search Engines. Google lists its search results, according to their algorithm. Earlier it is easy for websites to find top positions, filling the web content with keywords is enough for a website to attain top position. So many webmasters tried keyword stuffing to attain top positions. But now it changed, Google detected those contents and changed their algorithms. Also started penalizing the low quality websites. Google introduced new techniques for SEO, One is On Page Optimization and other is Off Page Optimization.

On Page Optimization: On Page Optimization deals with internal activities of Website. They include Writing Meta Tags and Title. Meta Tags are necessary for a website to inform the search engines about what the site deals with. Meta Tags include Meta Description and Meta Keywords. Meta Description is normally written for showing it the details of webpage in search engines. On the other hand, Meta Keywords are used to inform, Search Engine about the keywords which the webpage caters. Title and Domain name have higher priority in search engines. For best SEO practice, it is better to include about 60 characters for Title. Since search engines do not crawl the images and flashy items in the webpage, it can be avoided. But we can’t avoid Alternative Text, as it is crawled by search engines. So putting keyword in the Alt tag is sure to benefit you. Also the size of Alt Tag should be reduced, since larger size will affect the loading speed of website.

Off Page Optimization: Off Page Optimization deals with external activities of website. They include creating Backlinks. The main purpose of Off Page Optimization is building Backlinks. Backlinks are the backbone of Search Engine Optimization. There are several strategies available for Off Page Optimizations. Some of them are Article Submission, Guest Blogging, Forum Participation, Press Releases, Web Directory Submission and so on. They are explained below,

Article Submission: Article Submission is the oldest technique of Search Engine Optimization. Writing Articles and submitting it to High Quality Article Directories is the most widely used SEO technique. By doing so, we get backlinks from those Article Directories. Google prefer those backlinks as a vote to the site. There are several article directories available, one such high quality article directory is Ezine Articles.

Guest Blogging: There are several guest blogs available, where they are accepting high quality articles and providing two backlinks. In order to publish your post in the site, you want to pay some money. There are also several sites for free publishing.

Forum Participation: Register in related forum and create a signature for displaying your website’s link. Start new threads in forums and engage in discussions.

Press Releases: They are publishing articles with giving backlinks. There are paid and free submissions available.

Web Directory Submission: You can submit your website url in directory submission sites. They will review and publish your website details. It may take about one week to several months according to paid or free submissions.

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