VLSI and its Importance

Computers have been around for a long time and their invention as many believe is not as recent. Since the early 19th century people have been toying with the idea of a device that can solve complex numeric problems; fast forward 175 years and today computers can calculate trajectories of multi-planetary space missions with ease. […]

Shaft Coupling


A coupling is actually a mechanical device generally used to connect or couple two shafts to transmit the power from one end to another. Couplings allow you to run the operation without any breakage or interruption. However, as every coin has two sides, shaft couplings have an exception as well. Sometimes, the torque can lead […]

9 Essential Questions To Ask When Hiring A Web Development Company

Hiring a Web Development Company to design and develop a website can be a daunting, time consuming and resource intensive. Discovering a web development company to work with can feel like finding a technician you can trust to work on your car. Here are essential nine questions that will deliver you the courage to commence […]

HIPAA security training


Sending an email that complies with HIPAA security policies has certain factors that need to be considered. There are certain do’s and don’ts of the email. For HIPAA and email to coexist HIPAA security training should be followed religiously. As per HIPAA privacy rule allows covered entity or business partners to communicate electronically by, means […]

side effect of Technology

What are the side effect of Technology?

Do you know what is the side effect of Technology ?  if you don’t know I tell you that side effect of Technology that’s bad effect on our health and everybody wants that our good health. . So that I gives you various tips that helps you can your good health. As you know today, […]

Hearthstone – A Card Game With A Difference

If you like playing games, then card games might be a part of your preference list. But the game I’m discussing today is beyond a simple card game. It is a rare card game which lets you play the role of a Hero in an out-and-out engaging story.  Yes, you guessed it right. The game […]

web design in 2018


You are planning to develop a first web design in 2018 and you are already preparing all thing to do that for your new website.So okay friends we are share something to make an effective web and web technique to create and build a web design.before you start  developing your website we understand and analyze […]


Choosing For The Best Repair Option For Your Phone

A mobile phone has become an integral part of our life, regardless of how cheap it is. It has an equivalent importance of the presence of a human being. It has all the personal and private information, date, calendar, chats, contacts and many other important things. One day without the phone is unimaginable. So taking […]

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