Don’t Miss Out On These Knock-Out Trends This Season!

This season Ill suggest you to be a little ambitious with your fashion choices. Why you ask? Simply because there is too much to explore! With some of the best of trends coming to light, experimentation becomes imminent. Take a look at some of the best ones!

  1. Fishnet stockings:

If a short dress gets too bare for you or if you wish to add some more style to it, what can be better than a super-stylish pair of fishnet stockings. It has the perfect amount of oomph factor with colourful embellishments at all the right the right places. These fishnet stockings can give a makeover to any outfit, you can choose the kind of embellishments on the basis of your mood, your persona or the occasion.


Be it a corporate event or a meeting over coffee, the classic tie never goes out of style. These statement ties are the best tool to jazz up any office wear or add that extra poise to your already elegant personality. These wonderful statement ties at Kerry Parker serve the purpose very well. A bright coloured outfit and a plain white tie with an impression of ‘MARILYN’ or SHERLOCK’ looks just great! On the other hand, statement ties with heavy, colourful prints glam up monotonous looks perfectly.


Belts are a necessity to garnish any outfit with chic glamour. A stylish belt holds the dress perfectly at the waist giving you a chance to show off your curves. There are many that you can try if you are new to the game, I however will suggest the scalloped floral cloud belt. If you are starting fresh, then why not start with a bang!

The big and bold design prettifies any simple, easy-breezy dress magically. A statement belt of this kind is the perfect choice to get an over-sized dress or a boyfriend shirt to flatter your figure and shape. If you like to make it a tone lot sexier then try out the gothic style caged corset belt, for the Kim Kardashian within you!


Since the beginning of history, jewellery is used to enhance beauty of an outfit. So, now is the era of chokers. A choker is perhaps the most versatile jewellery article which goes with any kind of outfit: from formals to casuals, from western wear to Indian traditional dresses. Similarly, the CANDY’, UNICORN’ and FUR JEWEL COLLAR’ are epitomes of delicate, charming chokers. The softness in the design gives a soothing touch to the whole outfit. They also furnish the look with little cuteness and subtlety.

  1. Cocktail Collection HEELS:

I know what you are thinking, heels are not new. They certainly aren’t but these amazing floral vintage heels are. They are unlike any you might gave seen before. It wouldn’t be too wrong to say ‘a person is known by the footwear he prefers’. Footwear is one of the most important accessory of any ensemble as an exemplary pair of vintage heels can elevate the look to another level. One of the most essential criteria in choosing the right footwear for yourself is comfort. These vintage heels are a flawless synthesis of comfort, style and glamour. The ‘MARGARITA FLOWER AND PEARL’ pattern amplifies the effortless beauty of any plain outfit. On the other hand, if you want to go a little bolder on patterns but stick to the basic ‘black and white’ colour combination, ‘HOT TODDY WILDERNESS’ is the best choice.

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