Dr Dabber Dabber Vape Pen Review – Portable Vaporizer for Pro Users

Vaporizers have gained so much popularity over the recent years that the majority of people have preferred it as a better alternative to smoking. The reason? Models like Dr Dabber vape have made it possible to enjoy your favorite herbs without suffering the ill-effects of the harmful smoke.

That’s the reason we decided to bring this detailed Dr Dabber vape pen review so you can understand it better. Let’s have a look:

Vaping Experience With Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer

Inside the Box – Complete  Kit

Users who have bought the Dr Dabber Ghost vape kit get a single battery, a Ghost wax atomizer, one mouthpiece, a Ghost attachment, a wax storage container, a USB charger, a dab tool along with a user manual.

Design – Sleek & Attractive

Dr. Dabber vape is a portable unit, which is easy to keep in a purse or fits any pocket. While holding the vaporizer, you will be pretty impressed by design quality of the unit. Right from the logo on its button to the engraved design at the bottom, the stunning textured finishing, and the sturdiness of the vape are all impressive. It’s a sleek, clean portable vape pen with exquisite details. Costing under $100, you might mistake it for an expensive vaporizer.

Build Quality – Clean & Precise!

The vape pen is built well. All the parts have been machined properly, with all things in place. The button on the unit doesn’t rattle, giving a sweet tactile appeal to it. The finishing is seamless without marks, and the build looks like it can take a beating anytime. The only thing that has some concerns for a few users is the presence of plastic mouthpiece. While the plastic is of high-quality, it may taint the flavor somewhat for some users who prefer glass mouthpiece. Other than this minor quirk, it doesn’t take away the fact that Dr Dabber vape is a well-built, quality unit.

Usability – Super Easy & Safe!

Using the dabber vape is simple. You just pour a few drops of oil or dab a little wax on the heating coil, hit the fire button, and start inhaling through the mouthpiece to enjoy vapors. You will find no specific temperature settings, fans, or long waiting for heat-up times. It ditches all the rituals you must do otherwise with a desktop vaporizer. Vaping is simplified with the Dr Dabber vape pen!

Shut off the unit by pressing the button 5 times to avoid misfires, especially if it’s inside one’s pocket. For turning it on, click the button for 5 more times again. So simple!

Vapor Production & Performance – Outstanding & Flavorful

Users who own the Ghost vape are generally amazed at how well it performs. Vapor production in Dr Dabber Vape pen is of top-notch quality with a clean taste and lots of vapor. The sturdy coil and the low heat are responsible for smooth and tasty vapor production.

No Lengthy Heat Up Times – Quick & Safe!

The moment you press the button, you can start inhaling the vapor straight away. Though we suggest you let the coils heat up for about 2 seconds just to make sure there’s consistent vapor during the session. Other vape pens generally have performance issues, but the Dr Dabber vape does not seem to have any of these. The vaporizer performs outstanding, even better than many vape pens in the same price range.

Battery Life and Atomizers: Just Amazing!

The battery life of the Dr Dabber Ghost vaporizer is excellent and reported to offer around 400 puffs. Real usage puts the stats somewhere between 200-300, depending on how you vape. In any case, it’s pretty impressive, giving users a few days before needing to charge it again. When you aren’t using it, the battery will hold its charge, and won’t drain the power.

Charging will take roughly 2 hours. Given it comes with a USB charging cord, you can charge it any place with a USB outlet. This makes it great for people who plan to take the vape pen to outdoor trips. Plug it in a car adapter or a USB power bank to get back on your track whenever you want!

For users who love having a reliable, portable vaporizer that looks good, and performs far better than others, read this Dr. Dabber vape pen review and decide if it’s a good match for you!

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