What Factors To Consider When Choosing a Mobile Money Software

The rise in money services for the unbanked can be attributed to the convenience provided by  the service. For every money service, there is a software which enables people to carry out transactions. In addition, the software helps mobile money operators to provide required support and helps merchants and agents cater to their customer needs. For efficient money services, it is important for a company to choose the right software.

Most mobile software enables users to cash-out, cash-in, pay for services and goods, buy airtime, and pay bills. So as you select a software, choose a stable, well-engineered and functional software. To ensure that you get the right software, consider the following tips.

Disaster Recovery

It is so expensive to recover data or any other kind of information lost during a disaster. In some cases, it becomes impossible to recover the data. This is such a loss. Ensure the software that you choose guarantees zero data losses in the event of a disaster. In case of a disaster, you should be able to restore data within minutes.

Transaction time

Mobile money software should be able to process as many transactions per minute as possible. Enquire on the information about the cost and infrastructure required to handle transactions as they increase in number. Money service software providers should be able to provide proof of the capability of the software in terms of the transaction that the platform can handle.

Rating engine

Good transaction software relies on more than the flat fee or the fixed percentage charging. Money service software should rely on event driven parameters and complex data to levy charges.

Support for Business Processes

Select a business centric software. It should offer workflows which allow mobile money staff to work on operational and finance activities. The platform permissions and workflows should be aligned to the roles of the staff.

Bulk Processing

Bulk processing in mobile money helps in drawing back commission that has been incorrectly paid. It also helps in creating merchants/agents in large numbers and in disbursing bulk payments. When choosing mobile money software, be careful about loading constraints in software. When processing many files at the same time, the process should take place within the agreed time limits. Good software has bulk functions which eliminates any restrictions in payments.


Security is an irreplaceable function that all money software  for mobile platform should prioritize. Security can be achieved by encrypting personal data during transportation and when at rest. To increase the security, you should be willing to carry out regular security tests to ensure that the software is safe for your customers.


As a business owner, you should be able to personalize the software without contacting the supplier for help.  You should be able to configure services, SMS notifications, products, and tariff rules. Before completing the transaction, you need to have a complete understanding of the software. Set some time for a demonstration. Confirm that the software meets the use it is intended for and it has the right features.

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