Have some fun at the Year End trekking near Bangalore

Do you want the best part about living and working in Bangalore is? At the slightest holiday that you get you can head out with your friends for some adventure fun like trekking, water sports etc.  All that you need to do is keep yourself updated about the various trekking events and activities that are being conducted in and around the city.

Well if you are really serious about try out trekking in Bangalore and want to attend some of the best events that this city can host for you, then here are some lined up just for you, which you can enjoy:

  1. Gokarna Beach Trek and Camping: We all have some idea what a mountain trek is like, but have you ever tried out trekking the beach? Well if you want to try out this fun filled adventure then you should definitely sign up for this event organised by Plan the Unplanned which will take you on a trekking expedition on the Golden Trail. This trek will take you through the multiple beaches of Gokarna which hosts some of the beautiful beaches of South India.

When: Fri, 10 Nov 7:00PM – Sun, 12 Nov 11:00PM

Where: Gokarna (Outside Bangalore)

Cost: Rs 3399 per person

  1. Kudremukh Monsoon Trek: Want to explore the lavish green beauty of the Western Ghats while you trek the Kudremukh, one of the highest peaks of Karnataka? Well then try out this event, again planned by Plan the Unplanned for a trip in the lap of Nature that you will not be able to forget for the rest of your life. The most amazing part of this trek is that you will get to relax and camp amidst the hills.

When: Fri, 22 Dec 9:00PM – Sun, 24 Dec 10:00PM

Where: Kudremukh (Outside Bangalore)

Cost: Rs 3399

  1. Camping and Nature Walk – Wayanad: Wayanad is celebrated to be one of the most fascinating places that you can explore near Bangalore. Now combine the joy of trekking and camping in an eco friendly tourist site for the night and head out for trekking in the morning. Well if this is your kind of thing that you would simply love to explore and enjoy at least once in your life, then here are the details that you need to know.

When: Fri, 1 Dec 10:00PM – Sun, 3 Dec

Where: Wayanad (Outside Bangalore)

Cost: Rs 4494

  1. Kodachadari Monsoon Trek: Do jungle trails enthral you? Want to experience what the beauty of gorges and waterfalls are amidst the undulating greenery of the hills? Well then you should definitely try this one trek out!

When: Fri, 8 Dec 10:00PM – Sun, 10 Dec 9:30PM

Where: Kodachadri (Outside Bangalore)

Cost: Rs 3376

  1. Makalidurga Trek: Just a little short of 60kms away from Bangalore, there is the beautiful place of Makalidurga which offers a lovely trek for both beginners and moderate trekkers.

When: Sun, 17 Dec 6:00AM – 6:00PM

Where: Makalidurga (Outside Bangalore)

Cost: Rs 1350

So these are a few trekking and camping events that are lined up near Bangalore, which you can try out at the Year End, this time!

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