Get in detail about the whirlpool washing machines

Whirlpool is the manufacturer of smart home appliances. It is a multinational company with its head quarter in United State of America. The company was established in the year 1911. Currently, it operates its business in more than 85 countries all around the world. It had established its manufacturing units in almost 70 countries of the world. It is the first company of the world who had started the manufacturing of smart home appliances. At the time of its initial stage, the products of the company were highly praised and it enjoyed the benefit in the monopoly market.

All you need to know about whirlpool washing machine and its growth.

In the initial stage, the company manufactured motor – driven wringer washer. What we know as a whirlpool washing machine now was known as motor – driven wringer washer. Its basic function was the same as that of a washing machine. So basically we can say that the whirlpool is the 1st company to manufacture a washing machine. Manufacturing smart home appliances was a good decision of the company. As at that time it was very rare to think about any machine that could wash our clothes. So it was something new and unexpected by the people then. This is one of the main reasons about the growth of whirlpool washing machine machines and its other product in the market. One can get whirlpool washing machine of 2 type, front loading or top loading. One can also make a choice among semi- automatic and fully automatic.

The washing machine price list of different brand


  • Samsung WW60M206LMW is available at price 22,000. It is fully automatic and has the capacity to hold 6 kg of weight.
  • Samsung WA60H4100Y, the holding capacity is of 6 kg. It is fully automatic and the market price is 15,000.


  • LG 8 kg, it has the holding capacity of 8 kg. It is semi automatic and has top loading facility. The price is rupees 12,000 in the market.
  • LG with 6 kg of loading capacity, it is fully automatic and has the facility of front loading. It is available at rupees 22,000


  • Whirlpool classic plus 621S have the holding capacity of 6.2 kg; it is fully automatic and has top loading facility. Its market price is rupees 13,000
  • Whirlpool classic 622SD, it has the holding capacity of 6.2 kg. It is fully automatic with top loading feature. It is available in the market at rupees 15,000.

Washing machine price list makes easier to the customer for comparing the available washing machine. The best part of whirlpool is that it is serving the people from so long and till now doing it. This means people are well satisfied with its products.


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