Hearthstone – A Card Game With A Difference

If you like playing games, then card games might be a part of your preference list. But the game I’m discussing today is beyond a simple card game. It is a rare card game which lets you play the role of a Hero in an out-and-out engaging story.  Yes, you guessed it right. The game I’m talking about is – Hearthstone.

A Primary Introduction

Hearthstone is a free card cum videogame, with a twist. It was developed by Blizzard Entertainment, in 2014. It is available in Microsoft Windows, Android, and i-OS versions. Players playing from different devices can compete with each other. The only restriction that this game puts on you is the location-based restriction.

The Storyline

 Firstly, let me tell you, this game can be played in two forms, player vs. player OR player vs. computer.

Basically, this is a two-player game, where players need to use cards from their pre-settled collections, comprising of spells, curses, daring weapons, minions, and also the superpowers of the Hero, you’ve selected. You’ve nine superheroes to choose from. Also, an added advantage of Hearthstone game is, even though you’re a rookie and you don’t have any idea regarding card games or the witchcraft world, you can still manage to play this game with full enjoyment. The game teaches you everything and makes a pro.

You have the choice of adding your friends to your Hearthstone account as well.

Hearthstone is basically a card game with a twist. It is one of those card games where you don’t require a knowledge of cards to play the game. All you have to apply is your practicality and simple strategies. And once you get successful in applying these two, you’ll be left with an utterly simple and immensely fun game.

You’ll have some pre-decked cards, but to carry on in the game and to defeat your opponent, you need some powerful cards, which you’ll have to purchase through payments. Sometimes you also get some cards as rewards in a particular game mode.

Now, let’s discuss the game modes:

Standard – This is the simplest mode of gameplay, where you can challenge a player or the computer.

Solo Adventure – This mode would allow you to play opposite the computer but in exceptionally difficult scenarios.

Arena Mode – This interesting mode allows you to construct your deck with the selection of one out of three cards. But you can only select cards until you have thirty cards in your stock.

This game has many other modes. I’ve only discussed the top three modes, I personally prefer.

While wrapping up, I must tell you that Hearthstone is a critically acclaimed game. It has been praised universally. Its concept of card game with a twist has given it global recognition. It has fetched a 4.4 Google play-store rating and some honorable awards as well.

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