A Few Key Aspects of the Virtual Receptionist Service

In this era of instant communication and rapid digitization, every call counts. A missed call is a missed business opportunity. But it is not always possible to keep the phone glued to one’s ear. One has to attend meetings, go on official tours, and holidays etc. These are all but parts and parcels of the everyday business environment which makes it impossible to be always present at one’s desk. And many a times opportunities sweeps by us and we cannot capitalize on it just because when the phone rang there was nobody to pick it up.

One way to address such a problem is to avail the virtual receptionist services. These facilities are offered by various BPO companies that deliver avail inbound call center services to their clients. In these companies, a client (can be you) has the option to either avail the full package or to make use of their part-time service to help with the overflow of calls. It can be a virtual extension of a business. The virtual receptionists help a business to stay connected with its current as well as the prospective business customers via the telephone, email or through the chat.

The following are a few aspects of this unique as well as effective service:

The benefits

  • Outsourcing to a virtual receptionist service provider not only saves the organization of the additional cost to hire a full-time receptionist but also saves the business from allocating an extra desk space for an actual employee.

  • Having a live virtual receptionist to attend to your calls 24×7 gives you a peace of mind that no business opportunity is going to get missed. And also the fact that no customer’s call will ever go unattended. This further fortifies the image of your company in the eyes of the customers.

  • Another interesting fact is the reliability of such inbound call center services. Unlike an actual receptionist, a virtual receptionist is never going to call in sick or ask for other favor and benefits.

  • There will be no more telephonic interruptions during important meetings and gatherings.

  • The business will prosper and the clients are going to be pleased as their concerns are well taken care of.

  • The BPO companies that deliver virtual receptionist services keeps a well-trained and able group of agents that can deal with any sort of expected or unexpected scenarios.

  • With the help of the virtual receptionist, businesses can schedule appointments, return calls to the customers at the company’s behest as well as effectively sell one’s products and services.

The following is an additional list of how to improve the efficiency of the process

  • It is usually better not to let the customers know that the business is using the virtual receptionist service instead of an actual one as it might create confusions in some cases.

  • Agents should be given stringent training on how to improve their accents before being allowed to work on specific projects so as to limit errors and to ensure clarity of voice.

  • The customers should be greeted with a friendly and courteous greeting. A business can customize its own greetings and provide it to the vendor company. And the virtual receptionists should strive to provide their undivided attention and care to the clients.

  • The remote receptionists should be able to pre-screen all incoming so as to give more time to the important and urgent calls.

  • Certain facilities should be incorporated into the process that can assure a 100 percent recording of all calls and the ability to perform real-time reporting.

  • It should be able to facilitate multi-channel interaction with customers.

  • And above all, the expense of availing a virtual receptionist should be a fraction of the operating cost of having a real receptionist.

A virtual receptionist or an e-receptionist is a new part of what is known as inbound call center services in the BPO industry. It is a very cost-effective and tech-driven process. However, while availing such a service it is advisable to look for an authentic vendor and also to perform a thorough research on the matter.


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