Know more About Dipeptides and Synthesis form Amino Acids

Dipeptides are the dimers of amino acids. They have wide range of the applications in the clinical area these are really very effective and simple molecular structures. Only two specific amino acids are required to prepare the dipeptides. Amino acids are bipolar in nature, means these have the two functional sites or groups, one is carboxylic and other is amine group.

Carboxylic group in one amino acid when reacts with the amine group of the other amino acid, then peptide bond is formed. This is a condensation process as water molecule is released. There are other formation methods of dipeptides are also evolved. Dipeptides are the wonder chemical which is also used in the food industries and can be prepared from the fermentation process.

Flavour in the food stuff is due to the dipeptides. Histidine dipeptide is very popular to be used in the clinical area. Our body functions are regulated by the hormones and these hormones are also composed of dipeptides. It is also present in the muscle cells. Dipeptides are used to treat the disorders caused by the metabolic syndromes. Due metabolic syndromes hype in blood pressure occurs. There are so many drugs invented to treat the cardiac related problems. But patient has to cope with so many side effects. Some diuretics are also dipeptides which lowers the blood pressure by passing the excess salt in urine. Dipeptides are cost effective compounds more over these are simple to synthesize. These compounds are very helpful in treating so many disorders. Through dipeptides lots of derivatives of proteins can be prepared.

Protein is bio molecule which is very helpful in cell growth and cell repairmen. Dipeptides are widely used in the food industries as flavouring agent. There are number of diseases which can be cured by the dipeptides, these are myocardial and cerebral diseases, diabetes, atherosclerosis and trauma as well. Being cost effective and assessable in scientific laboratories these are in great demand. More over activity of the dipeptides is very low in the human body that means it has very low side effects. It has great contribution in the chemical field also. Dipeptides bear the antioxidant properties, these bring about the detoxification of the aldehyde and these can enhance the histamine level in the blood. Due the numerous advantages of the dipeptides these are in demand. This is all about what are dipeptides.

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