How A Leader Should Optimise The Productivity Of His Team

Companies world over are looking for ways to improve their productivity and bring more efficiency in their work processes. This can be done in two different ways. One of which is to take the help of technology and bring highly efficient machines that will do a job more quickly, efficiently and at a lower cost. The second process is to train your workforce in such a way that they deliver better results with the same machinery. While the former process is very expensive, the second process till now was thought to be more time-consuming. However, recent development in leadership development programs has ensured that training the workers and managers for improving productivity does not take such a long time.

The everything DiSC work of leaders profile is one such remarkable program that many experts swear by in improving the overall leadership quality of an individual. According to this product DiSC, leadership creating qualities in the floor managerial level will help the organisation immensely. The reason is that managers at this level are in direct contact with the workers and therefore in a better position to motivate them to achieve the company’s goal.

The everything DiSC work of leaders profile tool was created after years of research and observing the work process of more than 300 leaders in 150 different organizations. This long and comprehensive research has enabled the DISC to propagate a series of best practices in leadership issues. When we talk about leadership, it is now well known that it is affected by a whole host of issues that include the level of knowledge a person has, what are his past experience and the personality of the individual. The DiSC products are primarily focused on the personality aspect of an individual and the ways to leverage it to get better results.

In the everything DiSC work of leaders profile, the approach of the program is more of one to many as opposed to the one to one in the management product. This program focuses on three primary tasks that a leader should follow to get better results. These include creating a vision for the group which you are leading, aligning other people with that vision and the proper execution of the plan to make sure that the goal is reached. The everything DiSC work for leader gives suggestion to lower level and mid-level management people tangible steps that will help them to go through each of these steps successfully to reach the final goal. The everything DiSC work of leaders profile gives you a guide that will tell you how an individual who has one of the four personality traits will approach the three steps to reach the goal (vision, alignment and execution). It can also predict how much time in each of the three steps an individual will spend and the level of energy he will expand in clearing each of the three steps to reach his goal.

As per the DiSC program, there are four primary personality traits of an individual. These are Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. The DiSC does not believe that any of this personality is better than the others. According to the DiSC, all individuals have some portion of each of the four traits in their personality. However, there are only one or two major ones that finally decides your natural instinct when you are faced with a leadership situation.

The best practices that the DiSC program provides to a leader are context specific. In other words, with any change in the situation, the best practices will also undergo a change.

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