The Magic of Flowers – How to Impress Your Beloved with Them?

Someone said it right – flowers can win the angriest of hearts. And if your sweetheart is angry with you, then the simplest way to apologise is by gifting flowers to them. Great idea, right? And we can also see your face break into a smile. Well, if you are in Ludhiana, you have an added reason to rejoice- the online flower delivery in Ludhiana is fast, prompt and efficient. Gifting flowers through online flower shops is a cool trend these days and you should totally take advantage of it!


Remember, romance is not synonymous to roses. There are plenty of other flowers too that you can gift your loved one. Here are a few tips to choose the best flower for the one in your life –

  • Choose a flower with some significance – Sending flowers isn’t the hardest thing to do; but sending flowers with a dedicated meaning, is. When sending flowers to your beloved, make sure the option you have chosen is according to their taste and has some meaning hidden in it. The reason behind this is the joy of receiving a bunch of flowers may fade away with time. But, with an intended meaning hidden in the flowers, both the joy and the memory will last forever.

Flowers like orchids, daisies, tulips and carnations may be gifted on birthdays, and other special occasions like first dates, anniversaries etc. There are other flowers that are made to serve other purposes. The bottom line is that there is no dearth of options when it comes to gifting flowers in sync with an occasion.

  • Show some creativity with fresh flowers– The best way to make your love smile is by sendingthem gorgeous flowers that are garden fresh. And what can be more romantic than cherry-picking those special flowers, making the bouquet, writing a note describing the significance of each of the flowers you have included and then gifting it to your sweetheart? Here is a list of fresh flowers (that you can add to that special bouquet) and what they indicate –
  • Holly – domestic happiness.
  • Lilac – first love.
  • Larkspur –good spirits.
  • Orchid –delicate beauty.
  • Yellow Tulip –hopelessly in love.
  • Red tulip –declaration of love.

This simple gesture will make them fall in love with you all over again. And there can absolutely be no experience more rewarding than that.

  • The magic of colours– Choosing the colour can be quite tricky at times. If it’s a special occasion, you can probably do a little research to find out which colour is best suited for that particular occasion. However, if there is no occasion and you wish to present flowers to someone just because you love them, then taking this unique approach could help. Choose different flowers keeping in mind all of their favourite colours. This will show how much you care. How? First – you cared enough to keep their favourite colours in mind; and second – you actually put in time and efforts to select different flowers.

These are a few simple hacks to choose flowers for your beloved. If you like them – well, thenstart applying them!

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