Make Wise Decision after Gathering the Benefits and Drawbacks of Solo Door Refrigerator

Refrigerators are much in demand in summer season, when people need cold water and freezing ice for refreshments. Also, the main purpose of a fridge is to store food so that it doesn’t get spoiled. Each refrigerator has its own specifications and accessories to attract consumers. Whether it is single door or double door, with time advanced technologies have helped in modernizing their structure.

Brands like Samsung, Whirlpool, LG, Haier, Videocon, BPL, Godrej, Electrolux etc. have their own USP to sell their products. Initially, refrigerators were single door with freezer inside it. The maximum capacity was 265 litres. With time and research work, manufacturers understood the need of consumers and started increasing the litre capacity. However, it still remained single door refrigerators.

With more research, brands came out with special feature of dual doors in a refrigerator that separated freezer from main door. This helped people in getting extra space out as the freezer wasn’t blocking the space any longer. However, the single door is still the favourite of many nuclear families as it is small and precise. Single doors look simple and elegant. With new technologies, the features are getting complicated which makes it difficult for every family member to use it.

Single door refrigerators have various benefits –

  • Single doors are energy efficient as the electricity consumption is 40% less compared to dual door refrigerator.
  • It is good and sufficient for a family with 2 to 3 members.
  • Single doors are convenient and inexpensive as its mechanism is not very complicated. Single doors are kept simple, because of its neat and elegant look.
  • Because of its less capacity, it occupies less space in any area. Which means you have lot of space to fit in any other appliance
  • Single doors work on direct cool and old models are defrosted manually this means less consumption of energy. You can control the temperature of the machine accordingly.

Single doors have always been favourites of Indian families, but with latest technologies intruding people’s curiosity have increased. Thus, apart from benefits here are some drawbacks of a one door refrigerator –

  • The maximum capacity is 250 litres where you can store food and out of those 250 litres a part of it is occupied by your freezer.
  • Ice has to be cleaned manually which is a troublesome task every month.
  • Space limitation limits your storage capacity. This means during a party you cannot think of storing food in bulk.
  • Being a single door, your freezer will always be exposed to outer temperature. This means the temperature of refrigerator will rise inadequately.
  • Similarly, if you want to open the freezer you will first have to open the main door which will expose everything in the fridge to outer temperature and then you can access the freezer.
  • Unlike double door, the freezer of single door is small and congested. If you keep two ices trays you need to manage space to keep frozen stuffs.
  • Keeping bigger vessels in fridge will be task because the gap between two shelves is limited.
  • Not to say, if you put many things in it, it looks congested and messy.

As said above, single door is perfect appliance for a small and nuclear family. However, if a nuclear family has guests and parties frequently at their place, then they can think of other options.


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