Most Suitable Vaping Devices for Weed Smokers: Convection or Conduction

Are you a typical weed smoker who want something a better alternative to rolling joints? It is obvious that you need to waste a lot of time in roasting the bud and rolling it in the paper systematically. Also, you need empty space for performing all these activities because cannabis consumption is still considered as a taboo in many societies. The ultimate solution to all these problems is a vaping devices. The vaporizers are meant for diffusing cannabis extract to produce vapors rather than smoke. It contains pure element or CBD or THC along with your favorite flavor. Not even for liquid extract, but some vapes are also meant for vaporizing bud and wax. These devices are not only meant for weed smoking only, but also a great alternative to cigarette smokers. If you need it for consuming cannabis that too for casual purpose, choose a vaporizer carefully. If too many weird models of vapes are confusing you, this article can help.

Suitable weed vaporizer for weed smokers

If you are organizing a weed party for friends, the desktop vape is a perfect choice that has capability to intoxicate the group of your friends single handedly. You may consider it as a modern version of “hookah” that was traditionally famous worldwide for tobacco consumption. The new version works with the help of battery or direct power supply that produces a rich puff of vapors instantly. Those who need a gadget for personal vaping can go with the option of pocket vaporizer. It is a medium size device that has decent power capacity, requires a refillable cartridge and produces fine quality of vapors on the go. They are a bit larger than vaping pens but long lasting and highly effective too.

All vaping devices works on mechanism settings i.e.

  • Convection

The weed vape for sale with convection setting works by producing hot air in the chamber rather than heating up the contents with an atomizer. The heat is transferred to the entire content rather than a lower surface that creates adequate amount of vapors with fine intensity to get you high on weed. The vaporizers with convection setting are suitable for diffusing all kinds of materials including solid buds, wax and liquid. Generally, the convection vapes are meant for the consumers of dry stuff. Some vapes of convection setting are meant for dry stuff only whereas other are for both liquid & solid. For producing hot temperature with fans, it takes a large chamber which is not possible in small vapes. Mostly desktop models of vaporizers have convection feature.

  • Conduction

The vaping devices with conduction setting are widely popular all over the world because they can be modified to the smallest size of vaping pen or e-cigarete. These vapes are meant for diffusing liquid extracts of THC and CBD with the help of a heating element. The direct contact with heating element means it can heat up the stuff to the ideal temperature instantly. These vapes are available most commonly everywhere with an affordable price tag. All small and big size weed vapes for sale can be manufactured with this setting. Due to the quick heating, it also burns out some amount of content rather than producing vapors. Also the conduction vaporizer gives a harsher hit as compared to the soft convection vaporizer.


When it comes to the best quality vapor producing device, convection setting as an upper hand. It is a sophisticated technology that is ideal for group vaping. On the other hand, conduction device is suitable for all portable devices because of its compact mechanism. If you want an affordable weed vaporizer to use on the go, select the conduction. Otherwise go with the option of covec tion for a better vaping experience.


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