Nearing Retirement? This Office Chair is a Must

An entire career can span five or six decades. Some work even longer, and some are lucky enough to hang up the day job earlier. No matter what, as the body and humans age, the needs to keep things healthy and happy change too. For example, a number of workers all over the world are nearing retirement age. As the body reaches well past 50 years on Earth, that means things are a little different than 30 years ago.  

Needless to say, the needs of an older employee are different, which is why any old office chair will simply not be enough to support an older employee. The problem areas that do not affect younger workers suddenly become an everyday worry for those over 50 years of age. Lumbar support is no longer a feature, it a requirement of any chair that someone nearing retirement age will use. For the most comprehensive option on the market, Autonomous is a favorite among workers of all ages. From new young professionals to those counting down the days until more time with the family, Autonomous has options that leave the body feeling fresh everyday. One option in particular makes the work day feel like a breeze, even well into 50 or 60 years of age.

OsmoChair Elevates the Work Day

The OsmoChair is one of the most premium options available in the Autonomous product line. Without getting rid of anything, Autonomous completely rethinks the concept of the office chair thanks to the OsmoChair’s ability to do everything and more. The key difference between the OsmoChair and other competitors is the ability to truly change everything about the support the chair offers. Rather than simply offer a tilt control and height adjustment handle, the OsmoChair is an unbelievable step forward for making each chair work for every user.

The needs of an employee nearing the age of typical retirement are vast. No single user is going to have the same problems. Rest assured, things like the neck, back, and spine will be involved, but the OsmoChair offers support in all of those areas. In that vein, the OsmoChair offers a headrest that most office chairs do not. In the style of some of the comfiest lounge chairs, the OsmoChair features a headrest meant for cradling the head. This helps to avoid the normal pains many experience in their neck.

The OsmoChair also offers a leg rest. This is an even more unseen feature in office furniture, but completely necessary for older workers. Blood flow can be hindered at an older age, and by offering the legs complete flexibility and room to stretch, clotting and stiffness is minimalized. The features and functionality of the Autonomous OsmoChair are superior to every brand, yet still less of a cost. To make the switch today is to put trust in a better working condition for workers nearing retirement.

The Work Day is Easier with Autonomous

Without a good chair, employees nearing retirement can truly feel each hour in their shoulders, neck, and back. At that age, the impact of damage to posture or bones can be catastrophic. The saddest way to find out about chronic pain is to know that something could have been done. Something can be done with Autonomous.

With so many models and color options to choose from, Autonomous is a leading innovator in what it means to shop smart for office furniture and accessories. With smart solutions for assembly included in the purchase, as well as discounts for multiple item orders, no office should be without the support Autonomous has to offer. Shop for an Autonomous office chair today.

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