Positive Impact of a Reception Counter on Business

Is it possible or reasonable to think that reception counters can actually create an impression on business? Yes, the study of experts in marketing says that the fixtures have an impact on the clients who come as visitors. There is a popular saying that the first impression is the last impression, and it is true. There is no business owner who will want that the client to feel unwelcomed or develop a wrong idea about the organization during the visits. Therefore, it is essential to make a creative reception table to welcome the guests. It is also seen that the visitors, usually, approach the reception table first after entering. So, it is very important that the decoration of the area needs to be focused upon. The reception is a space where the visitors have to spend a lot of time hence, it has to be well positioned as well. As the visitor enters the area, the first thing that they notice is the reception table and therefore, should be given importance.

Steps to create a right reception counter

  • The fundamental requirement for reception counters is adequate space. It should be, ideally, dedicated to receive guests and visitors and also, be separate from the remainder of the office. The reason is that the employees will not be distracted or disturbed by the visitors.
  • Any business needs a reception desk and so it is very important that it should be of good quality. It will not only have a special place for the receptionist but, also should be the center point of the room. The reception area in itself should be designed in such a way that it looks elegant and is the center of attraction for all. There are options in modular tables that have a configuration of different combination and shapes and you can select according to the required office area.
  • The designer has to give importance to the seating arrangement too. This area is for guests so they are comfortable when they are seated or waiting. The visitors must have a feeling that they are welcome to the organization. If the seating area is enhanced, then the entire appearance of the reception counter looks inviting. There are varied colorful chairs for visitors that can be kept in the reception area as well. On the whole, the design and the color have to match with the office décor and the given budget.

Creates a brand image

The brand that you are promoting and the office culture can be marketed through concepts. This is incorporated in the theme of the office interiors. The brand logo, also, can be used strategically. The latest concept is the use of corporate merchandising that has become very popular. Now, you can, also, see that there are corporate museums near the reception area. As a result, the visitors are curious to know about the brand image and proves to be advantageous for the organization. The reception counters can be decorated with a display zone for increasing the attractiveness of the spaces.

The office environment develops clarity in the vision of the employee and boosts them to work more seriously and professionally. The productivity of the employees improves as they begin to think positively. The business professionals, clients, and visitors are sensitive about the small details of the design of the office. Hence, the companies are very conscious about the minor specifications of the reception counters. They are aware that any small mistake can be costly for their business. The first impression of the visitors cannot be ignored. Hence, it is vital that only professional designers must be consulted to design the reception counters as well the adjoining areas.

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