Rainy Day Relief: 10 TV Shows to Pass Time

Many are times we find ourselves stuck in our homes due to bad weather. This can be boring especially if you don’t have something interesting to do. Thanks to TV, however, there numerous popular TV shows offering great Indian and Hindi shows. Below are some of the best TV shows that can be streamed on your mobile device, smart tv or computer through yupptv to pass the time:

Indian TV Channels


The show broke records in viewership numbers when it first launched its first season in 2016. Following the second season, the show still tops the charts for its engrossing TV revenge drama. The compelling storyline is well written and with stars such as MouniRoyi, Sudha Chandran and ArjurnBijlani.

Kum Kum Bhagya

First produced in 2014, the story tells of a young girl struggles after a forced marriage because of her younger sister. The show’s concept is a new one and portrays a great chemistry from the lead couple. The plot revolves around the love struggles between the lead characters Abhigya and Shabbir Ahluwalia supported by powerful performances by Sriti Jha.

Shakti Astitiva Ek Ehsaas Ki

The TV show revolves around issues regarding transgender place in the society. The show is a bold move as this social message hasn’t been raised before in a television show in the country. It follows the struggle of a transgender and how she’s treated by the community despite her feelings and love. The lead roles are taken by Vivian Dsena and Rubina Dilaik in a journey of how love conquers all.


Valli is a popular Indian Tamil-language soap opera that has been on the TV since 2012. The show is about the journey of a simple and ordinary town girl and her escape from her troubling uncle who seek to get her married off. The captivating strorylinewill definitely keep you warmed up in sofa. It stars Vidhya Mohan, jay Kapoor, Latha, Raj Kumar among others. It can be streamed on the popular streaming site yupptv.

The Kapil Sharma Show

For talk shows lovers, this is the show for you. Started in 2016, Comedian star Kapil Sharma and his team engage the audience with great charm and humor and consequently attracting a broad audience to put it top of charts.

Chak ravartin Ashoka Samrat

This historical tv show follows the life of Ashoka, the third emperor of the Mauryan dynasty. It stars Mohit Raina as Ashoka and Siddharth Nigam as the younger Ashok. The show is both informative and entertaining with a dedicated cast and a historian writer making it more enjoyable.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

This another celebrated TV show in India that premiered back in 2009. The television drama revolves around the family happening of a Rajasthani and an Udaipur family. It is one of the longest running TV soap opera in the country casting lead actors such as Shivani Joshi, Mohsin Khan and Rishi Dev.

Ishq baaaz

This is an Indian drama show that translates to Lovers in English. The show was originally about three brothers and ensuing love stories. It first premiered in June 2016 and had been running since. The main cast includes LeeneshMattoo, Nakuul Mehta and Kunal Jaisingh.

Bigg Boss Tamil

This popular TV reality show following the Big Brother show format. It hosts Kamal Haasan and several contestants living under one roof isolated from the rest of the world. The show follows the ensuing drama as contestants avoid elimination.


The romantic thriller daily show will keep you busy during a rainy day. It premiered on October 2016 and is apsycho-thriller combined with love triangles between three main characters and their path to destiny.

You can watch your favorite shows from all the Indian TV Channels on your Smart TV and your Smartphone using yupptv.

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