Safety Tips for a Two Wheeler Rider

Being safe is a wise thing to do as an old proverb goes – ‘Prevention is better than cure’. If you practice safety initially, you wouldn’t have to be sorry later on. Two-wheelers are the most preferred mode of conveyance as they provide ease of navigation and also save your time. Moreover, since two-wheelers are affordable, people prefer to own a motorcycle than a car. However, the dangers of two-wheel rides cannot be ignored. Two-wheelers are more prone to accidents than cars. Two-wheeler riders are also very highly prone to grievous injuries. That is why they are advised to follow some important safety tips.

If you too are a proud owner of a two-wheeled ride, here are some safety tips which you should follow –

  • Always use a helmet

This fact cannot be stressed enough. Whenever you are riding your two-wheeler, even if it is a gearless scooter, ALWAYS wear a helmet. You might be careful with your driving but you cannot control other riders’ actions. If, God forbid, your two-wheeler skids or you are involved in any type of accident, you can hit your head and seriously damage your brain. Brain injuries are fatal, aren’t they? So, don’t risk them, wear a helmet on every ride.

  • Don’t drink and drive

Those night-long parties and hanging out with friends might involve drinks. If you indulge yourself in alcohol, don’t drive. Either ask your friend who would be sober to take you home or take a cab. Never drink and drive. If you drink and drive you might get involved in an accident which might cause serious injuries or even take your life. Moreover, if you are caught by traffic policemen, be prepared to shell out a heavy penalty and prison term for driving under the influence of alcohol.

  • Follow traffic rules

Rules are meant for a specific reason – safety. When travelling, always follow the traffic rules. Don’t jump a red light or drive in a one-way street. Though your bike can be easily navigated, stick to traffic rules. You might be in a hurry but isn’t your and others life more important?

  • Invest in a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan

A third party liability policy is mandated by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The policy covers your financial liability in case you cause bodily injury to any third party or damage a third party property. However, the policy doesn’t cover damages faced by your bike. To ensure coverage for the two-wheeler you should invest in a comprehensive package policy. Here’s what the policy covers –

  • Damages faced by your bike due to natural causes like floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.
  • Damages faced due to man-made calamities like fire, theft, self-explosion, etc.
  • Damages when your two-wheeler is in transit by road, water or air.
  • There is also a cover for accidental death and disabilities faced by the owner/driver of the two-wheeler
  • Third party liability for damages caused to third party property or bodily injury caused to a third party

Besides these comprehensive coverage features, the policy also has various add-ons which enhance the coverage. You can opt for –

  • Roadside assistance cover where you get assistance if your bike breaks down in the middle of nowhere
  • Zero depreciation cover which increases your claim amount by removing the effect of depreciation
  • NCB protect which guarantees you still get premium discounts even when you make a claim in any policy year

Thus, a comprehensive package policy helps in covering you and your bike in case you face any contingencies. Let’s face it – you can be careful all you want but accidents don’t come announced. While you can invest in safety tips mentioned above, you should also secure your two-wheeler against damages. A two wheeler insurance policy is the last and the most important safety step needed for your two-wheeler.

So, enjoy your two-wheeler rides. Go on road trips or simply commute to office easily. Whatever you do make sure that you apply the above-mentioned safety tips to have a safe ride. Wear a helmet, follow traffic rules, don’t drink and drive and finally, insure your bike under a comprehensive insurance plan. Be safe than sorry.

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