How to Self Study to Secure Your Place in an IIT?

When you’re an IIT aspirant the one question every second person who knows you will ask is, ‘So, which coaching centre have you joined?’ The answer will be met by either a deep throated approval or dismay and options for a better coaching centre.

Now imagine the reaction on the faces of these people when you tell them you are an IIT aspirant but you aren’t taking any tuition or coaching classes. You will be met with expressions of shock and absolute disbelief. These people will tell you that you are making the biggest mistake of your life but they will also be the same people who will later on boast to the entire world that they know someone who studied at an IIT.

So what are these apps?

Before we get into specific apps, let us talk about the one app that is inbuilt in almost every phone out there- YouTube. YouTube is no more the bad guy as parents once feared. There are thousands of tutorial videos to help IIT aspirants understand concepts and get clarity on difficult problems. These YouTube channels are run by experts on the IIT scenario or the past students themselves. Important tips are shared that they themselves have used in the past, and most importantly they even post motivational videos. These videos are of utmost importance on days when you feel low and feel like you won’t be able to crack the exam. They help you keep faith in yourself and keep you going throughout the tenure of your preparation.

 So why choose a learning app to secure a position in an IIT?

  1. You can understand concepts from scratch. These videos experts don’t teach you like teachers at a coaching centre would. The teachers at a coaching centre assume that you already know a concept that you learnt way back in school and start capitalising on the same, without bothering whether or not you remember it. The people making tutorials on these online JEE preparation apps go back in time and refresh your memory before teaching something new and get everything inside your brain right from scratch.
  2. Their teaching methods are ingenious. They don’t just explain the concept in bookish words and expect you to understand and apply them during the exam. They explain concepts through examples. For example an app recently used the example of a piggy bank and a boy to explain the Panama Papers scandal. These apps understand you and want you to understand the subjects. Such clarity offered by them helps you register everything and keep it in your brain for the longest period of time.
  3. They will teach you new techniques on how to manage time and how to read something faster and more effectively. This will help you capitalize on time. The JEE preparation online apps will teach you tricks that other students will not be aware of. These tips will serve as your strengths and your ammunition in disguise.

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