What is Skilled Independent Visa for Australia and How Does it Work?

Australia has several work visa options for the skilled individuals in the form of both temporary and permanent work visas. Out of them, there are a few most popular ones. Skilled independent visa (Subclass 189) is a work visa for Australia that gives permanent residence. As a permanent resident, the candidates are given the permission to keep working and living in Australia for an indefinite duration.

This permission conjointly allows the aspirants to go out of and gain entry into the country for a duration of five years from the time the visa is given is permissible. For this visa the candidates are already present in Australia, the termination of this permit doesn’t impact their standing associated with the permanent residency of Australia.But, in a scenario wherein the aspirants are keen to still travel to and from the state, within their capability as a permanent resident and in the wake of the termination of the initial permit; they got to get a Resident Return Visa (RRV). Their eligibility, or otherwise, for the aforementioned visa can rely on the time-period that they’ll have stayed within the Australian land.

Points test

Skilled – Independent Visa (Subclass 189) incorporates a points test appropriately tailored to select visa candidates who possess the skills & attributes which are able to prove helpful to them to seek out acceptable employment in a vocation that punctually matches their qualifications, and is required within the country. The evaluation criterion is to earn a minimum of 60 points.

Working out one’s points properly and classifying one’s trade, vocation or qualified occupation properly is that the resolution to effectively filing an application for this visa for Australia. Even a little mistake can be the reason for the cancellation of their permits. Counting on these factors, the points are offered to a candidate in such a manner:


The candidates ought to be below 45 at the time of filing an application for the aforementioned visa, lest their applications don’t seem to be accepted by the Department of Home Affairs, Australia.

English Language

With a view to working on a job, the stream of work or competent occupation within the country, Immigration Australia needs the aspirants to punctually prove via giving International English language Testing System points that they possess sufficient English skills to try and do employment in their selected trade, occupation or competent job.

Designated Profession

Anywhere between 10 and 20 points are offered betting on the precise job, the stream of work or competent profession that the aspirants designate in their application for the visa 189.

Qualifications & Positive Skills analysis

No points are awarded for this however, it is a crucial prerequisite. It is mandatory that the aspirants ought to have been offered with a post-secondary qualification when this is often similar to a Bachelor’s Degree (or higher), certification or trade qualification offered in Australia.

Specific Employment Qualifications

Anywhere between five and ten points are up to achieve, provided the candidates might simply prove that they’d been fittingly engaged to work for three years out of the four years shortly before filing their applications for the 189 visa.

Australian Service Qualifications

Up to ten points may be given provided the candidates might prove that you just are engaged to work within the country in their chosen trade, vocation or proficient job for not less than one year, out of the four years shortly before the time they file their applications for Skilled Independent Visa category 189.

Recent Work expertise

No points are given for this also but it is a crucial requirement. The candidates ought to provide proof that they have been in totally paid service in their chosen trade, vocation or expert job, an equivalent being an employment that finds mention on the Skilled Occupation List brought out by Immigration Australia, for not less than one year out of the two years shortly before the time they file an application for this visa.

Migration Profession in Demand Qualifications

In case the chosen trade, vocation or competent profession of the candidates is one that is rightly mentioned on the Skilled Occupation List and in high demand, these points are procurable.

Language Points

Five points may be given provided the aspirants have:

  • Done what might be known as the correspondent to an Australian Bachelor’s Degree in a language aside from English, or
  • Are qualified (Level 3) interpreters.

There are some things that you need to keep in your mind while applying for this visa. You can book a best immigration agent Perth free consultation and find out everything about this visa.

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