Suffering from Cavity? Try These Options

The teeth and oral health are equally important in thehuman body like thehealth of other organs. In fact, they are more important as one may be consuming several food items and each of these items may have positive or negative effects on teeth. Common problems for teeth are darkening and yellow teeth as well as acavity. The cavity can be considered as a serious issue as it just does not spoil the smile of an individual but also leads to many other health troubles and hence one needs to get rid of it quickly. Consulting a dentist is common but before that one can go for a few of the home remedies which are effective and offer quick results. Here are some such options mentioned that can prove much helpful.

Salt and Oregano Oil: One needs to mix the oregano oil, salt,and water first. After the mix one can apply it to the teeth directly with a finger or a toothbrush. It can help to remove the cavities by killing the bacteria that are responsible for decaying of teeth and also plaque as well as cavities.

Wheatgrass:The juice of wheatgrass also has anti-bacterial property and hence if it is consumed in the morning, can remove the bacteria which cause cavities and plaque. It can gradually relieve the pain due to tooth decay also. Fortunately, it is easily available in the market.

Mustard and Rock Salt: To remove the cavities, one can mix the mustard oil and rock salt. After making it afine paste, one can apply it on gums. One needs to leave it for a few minutes and then rinse the mouth with regular water. This mix can help to have balanced pH and remove cavities by killing bacteria.

Alcohol: For those who love to have a drink it is good to know that it can also help to remove the cavities. For this one needs to take whiskey, gin,and vodka in equal amount. One can keep it in themouth for five minutes and then clean the mouth with normal water. This mix can help to remove bacteria and hence save the teeth from cavities.

Saltwater:This is also easy to use option. One needs to have some warm water in a glass and add Epsom salt to it. One teaspoon salt will be sufficient here. Stir the mix well and then gargle with this water. It can remove the bacteria and stickiness from teeth that are cavities. One can use this option twice a week to have quick relief.

Flouride Mouthwash:It is an easy to use option for better dental health. Many fluoride types of mouthwashare available in the market that can help to remove cavities. One just needs gargle this mouthwash and then clean the mouth with regular water. This mouthwash has fluoride which can help the teeth to remineralize. This option can be tried at night before sleeping.

These are some of the known options that can help one to remove cavities at home only and that too without going for any medicines.



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