Superstitions Regarding En Caul Birth

The most important thing to understand is the en-caul birth that occurs after pregnancy. A method of en-caul birth is to understand the fact that it relates to babies born along with an amniotic sac. This is a condition that occurs in a few percentage of mothers but is actually not unsafe or complicated. There are various reasons for which en-caul birth can occur and under proper medical supervision, the baby can be taken out of the amniotic sac.

Myths That Are Related To En Caul Birth

Since en-caul birth is rare, there are numerous myths regarding this type of birth. The first important thing to understand is that in the modern world during a C section delivery the babies can be born prematurely along with the amniotic sac. The amniotic sac protects the baby from the mechanical and acts as a shockproof medium for it. Most of the babies, when born prematurely, are thus born with the protective layer around them.

Having a caul birth is associated with a great number of myths. The first myth is associated with the drowning of the baby. If a baby is present inside a caul it is said that they are never going to drown. Just like that protective layer of the amniotic sac, the baby can always stay protected. In the past history, the sailors used to think that keeping a caul with them can keep them from drowning and from this came the myth that has absolutely no meaning.

Then comes the fact that many great leaders were born with a caul. So from that aspect, a new superstition came into being that all the babies having en-caul birth are going to be a great leader in near future. It is said that they are destined to be great because this condition occurred rarely in any person.

There are other superstitions as well about the condition of luck due to en-caul birth. An en-caul birth refers to good luck just because of that caul. These are a common belief that has taken ground due to things that people have experienced. From a scientific point of view, all of them are without any doubt illogical. It is present because people around the world still feel that they are true.

All these myths are actually bogus and proper medication need to be taken along with expert advice so that en caul delivery babies can turn out to be healthy in near future. Every single aspect of this pregnancy is unique in its own way and the baby needs to be kept under medical treatment for some days after an en caul baby birth.


En caul babies are associated with premature delivery. A fully formed amniotic sac is present along with the baby for which a surgical procedure needs to be properly done. Many expert doctors are there who have experience of these processes and have developed better means of taking care of this type of baby.

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