Tips to Choose the Best Carpet for Home

When we plan to decorate the floor in our home, natural carpets are not something which immediately comes to our mind. In fact, we prefer laminate flooring etc which are rather expensive, less durable and tough to maintain. Here at, we pride ourselves on manufacturing eco-friendly carpets which are durable, economical and easy to maintain.

The main category of eco-friendly carpets includes:

Coir Rugs: Coir is one the most ancient forms of covering floors as it is stain resistant and provided warmth and coziness to the surroundings. This rug is particularly good in the heavy traffic areas and it also withstands a high amount of wear and tear. It is tightly woven into various geometrical designs and patterns. It also provides unique warmth which is not provided by any synthetic rugs or floorings. One can install coir rugs in whole areas, only avoiding kitchen and bathrooms as it has moisture content which sometimes damages the coir rugs. For the color part, it has peculiar rustic look which is similar to any natural carpets. It is very minimally processed as compared to the synthetic rugs. It provides both heat and sound insulation and thus it reduces your electricity bills and also less noise pollution. It is very low maintenance rug which requires occasional vacuum cleaning or cleaning with a dry cloth. Buy the best quality coir rugs and other natural rugs from

Sisal Carpets: As the name suggests it is derived from Agave plant and it gives a perfect contouring to your home decor. These are tough threads of Sisal which are used in making ropes and textiles. Though these rugs are dense and coarse one thing that defines the Sisal rugs are that they are extremely durable and water resistant. Even in the high traffic areas, Sisal rugs are highly advantageous and it also provides a cushion for the wear and tear. High traffic areas involve running of children and also results in injuries, but if you have Sisal Flooring then it is better to keep worry at bay. So, buy your prized Sisal rug from Floorspace, which is natural, gives an earthy look and which is biodegradable too. But always keep one thing in mind that it is not as soft as synthetic rugs.

Seagrass Rugs: Seagrass rugs are again plant-based material which is used in the manufacture of rugs. The harvesting of Seagrass rugs extensively takes place in Asian countries like India and China. It is produced in the waterlogged fields which are similar to paddy fields. If we compare Sisal and Seagrass rugs then somehow Seagrass rugs are more stain resistant. But both are equally durable and biodegradable.

If you looking remodel your home, always chose natural rugs as they have countless benefits.

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