Tips on how to write a Reflection Paper perfectly

Students are required to write a reflection paper in high school or in college. You may have a general idea of what it is, although, in order to write it correctly you should be familiar with some peculiarities. In this article you will expand your knowledge on this topic.

What is Reflection Paper

Reflection paper deals with your understanding of a particular subject. So, it is a type of an essay where you have to write your thoughts about some book, movie, event, incident, phenomena. Usually, the assignment to write reflection paper concerns movie, or a book, but some teachers may ask you to write about best childhood experience.

Very often students make a mistake of mixing up different thoughts. Don’t try to use the thoughts of other people. No matter how famous they are, or how great their ideas are, it has to be your personal attitude towards certain things. If you fill your reflection paper with many quotes, you’ll probably get really bad grade and feedback from your teacher.

What should you include in Reflection Paper

In order to write your reflection paper properly, you have to learn what things your essay should include. It is all about your personal insights. Actually, it is easy to write this type of essay, as the only thing you have to do is to express your thoughts. Write about your experience, some interesting observation, or what you believe in.

If you have chosen the subjec, then you can describe the picture in the introduction. There are no specific rules on how you should write the introduction. However, the good thing would be to give the general idea. The statement should give the allusion about the body of your reflection paper.

Don’t forget about thesis statement that sums up the content of the entire essay.
Besides the describing subject, a reflection paper has to include a conclusion, and judgment. As you have to provide your personal insights on the topic, you should write how you perceive thing, which makes this type of essay different from the others.

Key points

Your body paragraphs should reveal your understandings and thoughts that you reached after reading, or watching movie.
Explain how you arrived at the conclusions, what pushed you to get this or that idea.
Remember, you don’t write a summary of the text, you just need to backup your thoughts with evidence from the source.

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