What a Total Knee Replacement Surgery is All About?

Total knee replacement also goes by the name of knee arthroplasty. It is surgical procedure where the deceased or damaged knee joint is replaced by artificial ones. The materials that are used for resurfacing (joint) are durable and strong. They are optimal in terms of joint function as less friction is being produced.

Who is a candidate for this form of surgery?

An ideal candidate for a knee replacement surgery is someone who is suffering from painful condition of arthritis. This is more than enough to restrict your mobility with your day to day activities. Most of the people who have an artificial knee incorporated are above the age of 65, though people in the younger age bracket can opt for this surgery if their quality of life is affected.

With the help of this surgery patients will be able to return back to challenging activities like golf or cycling within a short frame of time. Do keep in mind that it is not designed for jogging or active form of sports. But having said this there are many people who do indulge in such activities.

The process of diagnosis
  • An overall physical examination of a patient is undertaken. A correlation is being found out between the symptoms along with the past history. It also deals with the excess demands that have been placed on the knee.
  • With the help of X rays the extent of damage is found out and causes related to degeneration is found out.
  • With the help of blood tests rheumatoid or inflammatory arthritis along with any infections of the knee is found out. A clearly analysis on whether these form of conditions have a say in a degrading process.
The types

Normally there are 4 major types of knee replacement procedures, and this is dependent on the mechanical stability. This includes the

  • Semi constrained
  • Non constrained
  • Hinged or constrained
  • Unicondlyar
The recovery phase

The recovery phase could be split into three stages

On the first day

  • Your diet will be restricted to liquids
  • Transfusion of blood if necessary
  • Breathing exercises

The second and third day

  • Starting of an exercise program

Fourth day onwards

  • Progression of exercises along with walking
  • Instructions on getting in and out of bed, followed by how to go to the bathroom safely

Why India?

Knee replacement surgery cost in India is popular because of the quality of ortheopodic surgeons in this part of the world. Knee replacement surgery cost India, has a notable success rate at a cost saving module. For a foreign patient they can travel to India and get the surgery performed at a fraction of a cost. This works out to be viable alternative for patients who are seeking treatment in India. Coupled with the fact that most of the top hospitals in India have zero waiting lists. A lot of it could be due to the emergence of private healthcare facilities which promises the latest in the technological domain along with experienced medical personnel.


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