What Are Channel Letter Signs And Why Businesses Should Have One?

The business signage does offer plenty of information about the business in one glance. It helps to display the name of the business and also conveys a tone, via size, style and color. Businesses in huge numbers are embracing this growing trend to benefit from it. Being highly impactful, these exterior signs are found to be valuable for the business signage.

About channel letter sign

The question that is on the minds of everyone is what actually makes channel letter sign to be different from other signs. According to the leading reverse channel letter signs designer Naperville, channel letters are stated to be 3D, which means they appear to jut out from wall. Every number and letter has been crafted from heavy duty material, with rust proof aluminum being the normally used one. depth present in each letter tends to vary and depends upon the sign size as well as face of every number or letter covered with translucent acrylic.

Channel letter signage types

They are of four types, namely:

  • Halo lit channel letters: Internal lighting in these signs is directed from its back, thereby creating halo effect to enclose the letters on the wall where they have been installed.
  • Front lit channel letters: Light of the sign shines through the letter front directly to make it visible throughout the day.
  • Reverse and front lit channel letters: Such sign type is created by combining front lit and halo lit styles. it is considered to be among the best of them all.
  • Open-face channel letters: It is quite similar to the front lit type. However, acrylic face is quite clear, with its appearance of the face being completely open.

Energy efficient

A major benefit derived from channel letter sign can be termed to be its energy efficiency. If illuminated option is chosen, then each of the channel letters will be lit using LED lighting. This ensures that the sign becomes visible even from a distance at any point of time in the day or night. The lit letters are found to be attractive and are beacons to those coming in its vicinity. Irrespective of the weather, the business is sure to stand out. LED reverse channel letter signs company Naperville Illinois does offer energy saving options to about 40% when compared to neon counterparts.

Top notch visibility

Irrespective of illuminating the sign or not, the channel letter sign is sure to offer the business with exceptional visibility, allowing everyone to find the business easily and effortlessly. The experienced sign company is sure to come up with appropriately sized sign that makes it easy to notice and read the message clearly even from a distance. the sign should not be made extremely small or an oversized one used to dwarf the door.

Simple customization

The process of channel letter fabrication is quite versatile and hence, the sign company should be in a position to create any size, shape, style, typeface or color imaginable. Using aluminum signs will be a wise choice as it is pliable, helps to avoid rust and allows fulfillment of creative requests.

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