Why Should You Buy a Domestic Travel Insurance for Your Next Trip?

Traveling is on everybody’s bucket list nowadays, but most people procrastinate their travel plans due to lack of funds. Even if you do have enough funds to travel, there is a risk that you might end up spending more than you expected due to unforeseeable circumstances. You must take care of your documents, health, clothes, medicines and personal belongings when you are traveling. However, if you face any kind of medical emergency even after that, a travel insurance policy such as the one provided by Bajaj Finserv can come to your aid.

Emergency Assistance

Imagine traveling to a new city realizing that you have lost your wallet during the journey. You may have lost all your cash and credit cards and you would have bills to pay on the go. This is where a domestic travel insurance can come in handy, helping you clear your hotel bills directly by your insurance company. Although this is in the form of a loan that you would need to repay later, your emergency will be taken care of. If you repay the money within a month’s time, the insurance company will not charge any interest.

Roadside Assistance

We all dream of taking long and fun road trips with our friends and family. However, this happy situation can quickly become stressful if your car breaks down or has a flat tyre.  If you have domestic travel insurance, you need not feel helpless in such conditions. All you need to do is call the helpline number of domestic travel insurance company and relax. The company will arrange for a mechanic from a nearby city to help you. Moreover, the company will also arrange the necessary tools to repair your vehicle. In case your vehicle is damaged or cannot be driven, the company also arranges a crane to tow your vehicle to the nearest workshop.

Protect Your Cards

If you lose your wallet in the travel, you have very little chance and time to find it back. You would be more worried about your cards getting misused than losing the cash. The wallet insurance protects you here in a very simple way. You need to inform the insurance company regarding the loss of your cards. The insurance company coordinates with every bank to block the cards. You need not worry about calling every bank to block your cards individually. Moreover, if the cards are pre-registered, it further simplifies the process, exempting you from giving many details to banks and insurance company.

Hospital Assistance

Many domestic travel insurance companies provide hospital assistance in case of accident or critical  health issues while traveling. You can get cashless treatment in the nearest hospital. Some insurance policies extend hospitalization expenses as assistance that you have to return within a month. There are also other domestic travel insurance plans that provide the hospitalization expenses as a part of the insurance cover.

Protection of Luggage

The loss of luggage is a big headache and may put you in trouble in the outstation tour. It requires you to purchase the clothes, medicines and similar personal things on urgent basis. If you have domestic travel insurance, you can get the reimbursement due to loss of your luggage. You can also get emergency cash if you have lost your credit card or debit card. The emergency cash is on the returnable basis and usually interest-free if you return it within a month’s time.

In a nutshell, travel insurance is not only for foreign travel. You should consider it for domestic travel plans as well. It saves you from many hassles and major monetary losses. A little bit of thought on your part in terms of availing a domestic travel insurance can protect you from most mishaps that might happen when you are traveling within the country.

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