Into the Woods: Survival Tips for Any Outdoor Adventure

Breathing in the wild air, listening to the silence, and sleeping under the moonlight are just some of the perks you can get out of camping. However, camping can be full of unexpected and unforeseen circumstances that may lead to some risks.

Hopefully, some camping tricks will make your outdoor adventure less chaotic. Check out these tips below that will inevitably create a fun and enjoyable camping experience.

Lasting and Enough Foods

Indeed, food should be on the top of any list of survival necessities. Bring with you those foods that can last long like dehydrated food and fruits,  peanut butter, canned goods, dried bread, anything that won’t add much extra weight to your backpack and easy to access at the same time.

Further, if you need to stock for a prolonged period, consider having a large outdoor kit to accommodate all your necessities.

Compact First Aid Kit

A sturdy and compact first aid kit is created at home or available commercially. Thus, good first-aid equipment needs to have moleskin for blisters, butterfly bandages, gauze pads, roller bandages, adhesive bandages of different sizes, triangular bandages, over-the-counter medication, disinfecting ointment, adhesive tape, non-latex gloves, scissors, and pen.

More so, personalize your kit to fit your needs with different items for a different scenario.

Sufficient Drinking Water

Always make sure to pack water as much as you can carry, because if there is a disaster, sources of safe water are typically contaminated, making them unsafe to drink.

Plus, while you’re on the road, going to a safer place, you may don’t have enough time to look for drinkable water. Thus after settling, search for a water source and refine it using purifying bottles or tablets available from Deal Wiki and other outdoor stores.

Sharp Cutting Tools

These items are essential for any situation for both survival and defense. The knife probably carries the most flexible feature, but you have to choose for it carefully.

Experts suggest using a knife with a set blade since it’s more resistant compared to a folding one. It’s essential for the cutting tool to be reliable, sharp, flexible, and the handle needs to have a good grip.

Comfortable Extra Clothing

Weather may abruptly change during any outdoor adventure, so bring some extra clothing that suits for any season such as polyester and wool fleece since their fabrics fit the standard for any outdoor experience.

Also, since the majority of heat loss happens in our heads, a layer of hat plays a significant function in regulating heat. Moreover, extra socks can be useful since it provides comfort for the ride or a walk to home when your feet get wet.

Reliable Fire Starters

Fire is necessary for survival in many different ways. You will need it to make light, cook your food, keep you warm, boil water, protection from wild animals, and many more.

Plus, fires can be beneficial when your flashlight is out of battery. Hence, consider bringing candlesticks or fire starters, so you’re ready for any emergency while outdoors.


Survival is a challenging task that may require only the fittest and the prepared ones endure to do it. However, by following the pointers listed above, you too can survive the obstacles of outdoor adventures and make your experience memorable.

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